Black Coffee - The best Cafe-PUB Bar in Porto (Matosinhos)

Daily menus with several lunch option dishes from Monday to Friday.


Snacks, francesinhas and hamburguers, seven days a week, meals service at any time of the day and night, lunch or dinner.


It will be hard to find better price/quality, our daily menus are the best you'll find.

Low Cost Restaurant to Eat Lunch & Dinner in Matosinhos (Oporto)

Restaurant with Cheap Meals in Porto (Matosinhos)

If you are looking for a coffee house restaurant in Matosinhos with daily economic meals available every day of the week, then come and check our daily meal services at Black Coffee, in a space with a privileged location near the sea, by the Anemone Roudabout next to Matosinhos beach, eating at the best prices in a comfortable place, is a reality here.

With an economical daily menu, with a menu request available (corporate menu), you can chose to lunch one of the several available dishes.

You can also chose one of our snack dishes, such as francesinhas, regular and special hot dogs, cheese and ham toasts, and our famous hamburgers Black Burger and Big Black Burger.

All of this in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, whether Summer or Winter time, rain or shine, our inside space and our outside terrace, with selected music and TV.

BLACK COFFEE Nearest to the tourist attraction, "She Changes" or Anemone Roundabout (rotunda da anémona), very close to the Matosinhos beach of Porto (Oporto)! VISIT US! Location & Contacts
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