Black Coffee - The best Cafe-PUB Bar in Porto (Matosinhos)

Warm and tasty, with topping, chantilly or ice cream, our crepes are waiting for you.


Enjoy the real Belgium waffle at any time of the day or night.

Waffles and Crepes in Porto (Matosinhos)

Creperie Cafe Waffles & Crepes in Matosinhos (Porto)

Come and taste our sweets, crepes and waffles with several fillings, toppings and other side items.

Imagine your own waffle or crepe, with Nutella chocolate, black or white chocolate, with chantilly, jelly or season fruits, and even with ice cream scoops of many different flavors from our own ice cream parlor, and other special ingredients.

You will be able to experience your chosen sweets, in any space of Black Coffee, on our inside space or our terrace, we are always ready to serve you.

You can also accompany your crepe or waffle with one of our cocktails, non-alcoholic or alcoholic, and get the maximum taste of our sweets. Make Black Coffee your preferred coffee-bar, located in a privileged area near the sea, by the Anemone Roundabout and next to Matosinhos beach, the most visited in Porto.

BLACK COFFEE Nearest to the tourist attraction, "She Changes" or Anemone Roundabout (rotunda da anémona), very close to the Matosinhos beach of Porto (Oporto)! VISIT US! Location & Contacts
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