Black Coffee - The best Cafe-PUB Bar in Porto (Matosinhos)

Our francesinha sauce is based on one of the most ancient known recipes. This was our starting point.


Egg, cheese, ham, mortadella bologna, cow or pig steak, bacon, several types of sausage, or even extra pepper. Choose your favorite ingredients.


Black Coffee is open until 02h00 at night, our francesinhas are served whenever you get hungry.

Where to eat Francesinha Sandwich - The best Porto Famous Dish

Francesinhas Restaurant in Oporto (Matosinhos)

Francesinhas are a Porto Traditional dish, which is inclusively known throughout the world, being recently elected as one of the top ten best sandwiches in the world, and this has become one of Black Coffee restaurant snack-bar services specialties.

Eating a good francesinha in an excellent location near Matosinhos beach, in our inside space or outside in our covered terrace is a pleasure you can't miss.

We know how difficult it is to please every taste, mainly when it comes to the sauce used on the francesinha, and for that reason, our secret was to try and follow one of the most ancient recipes of the traditional francesinha sauce.

We may not please everyone, but we will make our best effort to do so and for that reason our francesinha is considered by many as one of the best typical francesinhas of Porto and consequently one of the best of the world because no one cooks so well this delicious sandwich dish like the people of our lovely region.

Come and try our francesinha, and rate it yourself, you can chose if you prefer a cow or pig stake, different kinds of sausage, and you can also chose to remove some of the ingredients such as egg, cheese, mortadella bologna, bacon and ham or even ask for extra spice.

In case you wish to make a lunch or dinner reservation, either for birthday parties, corporate dinner parties or even group events, contact us.

We also have available our take away service, it will be our pleasure to entertain you in our space, but you can also chose to take home our francesinhas to enjoy at your place.

At the end, enjoy the best Portuguese coffee or American coffee with our coffee house services.


BLACK COFFEE Nearest to the tourist attraction, "She Changes" or Anemone Roundabout (rotunda da anémona), very close to the Matosinhos beach of Porto (Oporto)! VISIT US! Location & Contacts
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