Black Coffee - The best Cafe-PUB Bar in Porto (Matosinhos)

Near the sea, by the Anemone Roudabout, next to the famous Matosinhos beach, the most visited in Porto.


With a glass covered terrace and also open air terrace, your comfort is guaranteed, rain or shine, winter or summer time.


In our terrace you can make the most of all our services, bar, coffee and restaurant, and in a space where smoking is allowed.

Terrace near Matosinhos Beach (Oporto)

Terrace in Matosinhos (Porto)

Finding a welcoming and relaxing terrace near the sea, rain or shine, is possible with at Black Coffee’s covered and open air terrace, by the Aneoma Roudabout in the Matosinhos beach (Porto).

Acknowledged by all for its welcoming atmosphere and selective attendance, the covered Black Coffee terrace is the ideal place to enjoy your coffee or any other cold or hot drink, and even to make the most of our restaurant services, for your economic meal or to try our fancesinha at dinner time.

Alone or enjoying a nice company, to the sound of our selection music, TV or even a newspaper or magazine, enjoy a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, where you can also experience our sweets such as ice cream, crepes and waffles, always ready to be served.

Watch here some photos of Black Coffee’s terrace.

BLACK COFFEE Nearest to the tourist attraction, "She Changes" or Anemone Roundabout (rotunda da anémona), very close to the Matosinhos beach of Porto (Oporto)! VISIT US! Location & Contacts
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