Black Coffee - The best Cafe-PUB Bar in Porto (Matosinhos)

Elected by many as the best coffee-bar in Matosinhos, the pleasure of comfort in a prestigious and unique place.


There is nothing better than finding a cozy place by the seaside either on Summer or Winter time, near Matosinhos beach, with inside space and covered terrace.


Known as easy going and well attended day and night, open every day until 02h00.

Where to go at night in Porto (Matosinhos)

Where to go out at Night in Oporto - Matosinhos

If you wish to find an alternative place to go in the Porto nightlife, in Matosinhos you can find the answer to your desire, and the obvious answer is Black Coffee.

Located near the sea, by the famous Anemone Roundabout and Matosinhos seaside, Black Coffee is the elected place of many Porto, Matosinhos and Leça inhabitants, but also portuguese and foreign tourists.

Open every day until 2h00, in a privileged location near the most visited beach in Porto, you will find a great, joyful, young and relaxed atmosphere with selected music (day and night), and also TV, where major football matches are being broadcasted.

From its origin, it has always been a reference cafe & bar in Matosinhos, and our aim is to maintain this status. Thinking of this, we have made some major changes in our services, looking to improve even further the quality of our space, making it more pleasant, and fitting the needs of our clients, in a perspective of growth and permanent improvement.

The comfort and wellbeing of our clients is one of our main concerns, Black Coffee is able provide you an excellent night at all possible levels, from dinner until our closing time.

Either for a drink among friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend, to enjoy a coffee or for our restaurant and snack services. We will provide the best service, so that you can take full advantage of our space. From wonderful cocktails alcoholic or non-alcoholic, to our tasty premium “Black Coffee” coffee, and also different meals and snacks to eat when you get hungry.

With an inside space where you can also find our VIP area and an outer space with covered and open air terrace, Black Coffee suggests this great night:
… to the sound of great music, start your night with a typical Porto dinner, a tasty francesinha sided by a refreshing drink... for desert ask for a crepe or waffle or even an ice cream… then go through to warm your stomach with our premium coffee and a comforting digestive drink... then after, make sure to try our alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails... and to escape the routine, ask for our shisha and smoke with your friends... late night, and if hunger strikes again, we have a selection of snacks at your disposal... 

Make Black Coffee a reference spot to spend all night, or as a link in your itinerary for a night out in a Matosinhos or Leça da Palmeira disco club.

BLACK COFFEE Nearest to the tourist attraction, "She Changes" or Anemone Roundabout (rotunda da anémona), very close to the Matosinhos beach of Porto (Oporto)! VISIT US! Location & Contacts
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